Élevage et Dressage des pins de l'Aumônerie - Corrèze

Who are we ?

Impassioned of hunting and above all of our dogs, we made our passion a trade :

Who are we ?
We raise  Ariégeois, Gascon and Briquet de Pays. We can sail puppies, started and finished dogs. With all the elements necessary to the comfort of the dogs. We also draw up external dogs of all hunting current races.

The team

• Julien, works full-time on raising, the breeding and the care.
• Marie, works full-time on the breeding and the client relationships.
• Karine, works part-time on the servicing of the enclosures.
• Florent works part-time on raising
• A professional deals with communication (Web site, Social networks, Videos)

Located in the middle of Corrèze in a varied and agricultural biotope. We have complete training programs, to make work the dogs according to their level of hunting. Our parks are essential which enable us to daily involve the dogs in complement of the natural environment. We exclusively drive out wild boar .
  • “Chêne Américain " Park  with hares, ewe and little wild boars to accustom the dogs to pass in the herds.
  • “Mixed” park which approaches the natural environment with deer and medium wild boars, to stard dogs.
  • “Initiation” Park , with small wild boars to declare them while making search.
  • “Discover” Park , with small wild boars to put the dogs in presence of them.
  • Park with our friend Julie to acclimate dogs to the wild boar last stand attack .
  • Large “Douglas” Park, very thick with larger wild boars to work the "broussaillage"  for the hardened dogs.

My experiment relates on the listening and the recall of dogs. But also to start and initiate the dogs, acclimate them  to rifle shot, the handing-over in confidence and the refusal of deer path. As many essential points in order to save you a considerable time and an effectiveness on the field.

the base of our hunting selection is made on rapprochor and chatterer dog, able to go up cold ways , while keeping initiative and character.

I like to serve my customers with an irreproachable work. This is why, it is preferable to book for the acquisition of a dog.

And remember, a hunter has to adapt to his dog, a dog doesn't have to adapt to his new master.

Julien and Marie Guéret