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Training your dogs

I train all the hounds of all breeds including small foot dogs such as Dachshund and Jack: Blue Griffon, Vendée Griffon, Winter Griffon, Country Griffon, Gascon, Blue and Little Blue, St Hubert, Bruno St Hubert, Bruno du Jura, Porcelain.

At each workstation, its adapted park.

Training your dogs
For the more sensitive subjects, who have been discouraged following an unfortunate experience, we work on small boars to restore their confidence.

And finally, for the young dogs a "little too much hunters"; we put them in charge and work on listening and wisdom.


How it works

Training your dogs
I have a complete training and learning tool to train dogs according to their hunting level. This makes it possible to train dogs on a daily basis, in addition to the natural environment. A controlled environment to exploit and work to the best of your dogs'; potential:

- Initiation park with two small wild boars to declare dogs, with a surface area of 2. 2 HA. A great tool to finish declaring young dogs

- Mixed; which approach the natural environment. 12 HA, This park is ideal for young dogs.

- Very thick Douglas park with bigger boars and roe deer to work on the debt.

Training formulas

Training your dogs

Training your dogs

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