Élevage et Dressage des pins de l'Aumônerie - Corrèze

Training your dogs

We take all common dogs of all breeds including dogs of small feet type Dachshund and Jack: Blue Griffon, Griffon Vendée, Griffon nivernais, Griffon of country, Gascon, blue and small blue, St Hubert, Bruno St Hubert Jura, Porcelain...

For more sensitive subjects, who have been put off as a result of an unfortunate experience, we work on small boars to restore confidence. And finally, for the young dogs a "little too hunters" we put them to the orders and work on the listening and the wisdom ability.


We take the dogs about a month according to the formulas, during which we go out every day (1 to 2 times).

We start with the small park with wild boars, then once well, on larger boars with initiation to the gunshot. We do this training only on the wild boar route.

According to requests, we work on the foot in pack, individually or in the lanyard .

Regarding the age of the dogs on the programs, ideally no younger than 8 months up to 24 months maximum . Any female in heat should be recovered by its owner. Dressage will be postponed according to the availability schedule, no refund will be granted.

It is necessary to take into account the environmental factors of changes (kennel, feeding ...) which can be disruptive for some dogs. This is why the possibilities and guarantees of the work performed can only be done after an evaluation stage .

In complete transparency, a dog training contract will be established. As well as a tracking and progression booklet, complete with photos, which you will receive at the halfway point and at the end of the training.

A suitable Training Area

We have a comprehensive and adapted training and learning tool. To make dogs work according to their hunting level

They allow us to train dogs daily, in addition to the natural environment. A controlled environment to exploit and work to the best of your dog's potential:
  • Big "Douglas" park thick line with bigger wild boars to work with the hardered dogs.
  • Park "American Oak" with hares, sheep and wild boars to accustom the dogs to pass in the flocks.
  • Park "Mixte" which approaches the natural environment with deer and wild boars.
  • Park "Initiation", with small wild boars to declare them while doing the quest.
  • "Discovery" park, with small wild boars to bring dogs together.
  • Farm park with our friend Julie for work and discovery of the farm.

Training Formulas


The dogs came out in batches and individually. We take them out every day to give them as much desire as possible in hunting. For the declared and restore confidence of the dogs, we take them in pack on modest wild boars less aggressive.

The  effect of being in group is very important , this often allows to put some subjects in the right way.