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Refusal roe deer

Refusal roe deer
We watch the time of passage of wild boars with the specific cameras in order to know the qualities of the dogs on cold way. We work wisdom and command to the voice but also to the horn. The goal is to develop and confirm the dog's qualities, fixing it on the boar's path.

For this we have an ally of weight "Julie" our erect boar that allows to prepare the hot and cold ways for the work.

It is a long and tedious work that requires attention and a suitable field that is why we use:

• "Mixed" park, which is close to the natural environment with deer and wild boar, for the claim.

• "American Oak" Park with hares, ewes and wild boars to accustom the dogs to pass in the flocks

• Large "Douglas" Park very thick with bigger wild boars to work the scrub and the passage in thick brambles for seasoned dogs.

We take the dogs for 45 days, during which we go out every day in individual but also in pack.

Regarding the age of the dogs on the programs, ideally no younger than 18 months up to 24 months maximum. Any female in heat should be recovered by its owner. Dressage will be postponed according to the availability schedule, no refund will be granted.

Price: 900 € TTC   * Prices as of 01/01/17 VAT rate 20%

Payment by check, cash or by bank transfer.
IBAN FR76 1680 6099 3966 0927 3849 483

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Refusal roe deer

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