Élevage et Dressage des pins de l'Aumônerie - Corrèze


Passionate about hunting and above all my dogs, I have made my passion a profession: trainer and breeder of hounds on wild boars.

Born in 1977 in Thiais (94), I was immersed in the world of hunting when I was a child, following my father on hunting weekends.

I have tasted all the hunting methods: woodcock with a pointing dog (English setter), duck hunting, gopher hunting, hare hunting with a stick, dachshund digging and of course wild boar hunting with a hound. Incidentally, I used to fly fish on the Vézère or Corrèze rivers. . . .

Holder of a hunting permit since 1995. I was a bosun in the underground venery for five years. I am also the holder of the training courses of chef de battue, hygiene and venison, I also have the certificates of capacity for dog breeding and I am an approved tattoo artist. I operate a 3 license to receive my clients and I was president of the structure for six years. I joined the volunteer fire brigade in 1998 and also played rugby at the As Seilhac.

The Pins de l'Aumônerie cattery was created in 2008, followed by the parks in 2011


Located on average in Corrèze, in the heart of a varied and agricultural biotope.

I have been passionate about dogs since I was a child. The first were offered to me by my hunting colleagues of the time: country lighters, which, without entering any standard, had enormous hunting qualities.

While keeping this lineage, I got closer to the Ariègeois and the Petit Gascon, first of all for wisdom and to establish the first qualities sought for the closer. The precious advice of friends like Alain Demars, have served me enormously to build a lineage worthy of the name; because it is difficult to reach the best level, but the hardest thing is to stay there.

I am involved in the hunting community, a member of AFACCC (19, 24, 87) but also of the association Grand Gibier du Lot, Harloup and the club du bleu .

I breed Ariégeois, Gascon and Briquet de pays. Equipped with kennels adapted to each situation and evolution of the dogs.


With a capacity of 100 places. I only hunt wild boar.

- Six maternity hospitals.
- Two infirmaries.
- Six weaning boxes.
- Six waiting boxes for weaned puppies.
- Ten double boxes for dogs in training at the farm.
- Five boxes for dogs in outdoor training.

Dogs are mainly fed with food waste from canteens and meat. I work with the Uzerchoise clinic for its seriousness and professional skills.

The dog sales formulas I offer are complete: puppies, declared, broken and foot dogs. The basis of our selection is made on lines of close-up and talkative dogs, able to go up cold paths, while keeping initiative and character on the farm.

My experience as a trainer focuses on listening and recall, but also on starting, initiation to the shotgun, confidence building and deer refusal. All these are essential in order to save you considerable time and efficiency in the field.


I have a complete training and learning tool: parks from 2 to 12 hectares to make dogs work according to their level of hunting, in addition to the outside environment.

- Initiation"; park of 2. 2 HA, with two small wild boars to declare them dogs

- Mixed 12 HA close to the natural environment. Ideal for breaking up dogs.

- Very thick Douglas" park with larger wild boars and roe deer to work on brush and debt.

Different training formulas are available: declared, breaking-in, matching, debt and confidence building.


The park team

• Julien works full time on training and breeding
• Karine works part time on routine maintenance of kennels and nursery

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