Élevage et Dressage des pins de l'Aumônerie - Corrèze

Dog single track closer

These dogs of about 28 to 30 months are subjected to an intensive training on seeing the boar. Completely autonomous on the feet of the night, they are able to follow and reassemble a way, to launch the animal without deviating from its trace. In both the run and the free they are at the top of the training capacities both by their natural qualities and by the development of these.

All dogs do not naturally become unique pathways, their rarity require special attention to breeding to detect individuals with the best predispositions.

This is why we mainly use:

• "Mixed" park, which is close to the natural environment with deer and wild boar, for the claim.

• "American Oak" Park with hares, ewes and wild boars to accustom the dogs to pass in the flocks

• Large "Douglas" Park very thick with bigger wild boars to work the scrub and the passage in thick brambles for seasoned dogs.

• Outings frequent

Price: 6 000 € TTC * Prices on 01/07/17 VAT rate 20%

Waiting time 24 months
Given the reservations already in progress and the specificities for this category thank you to join me at 06 87 28 23 41 between 13h and 14h or to send me an e-mail

Compte tenu des réservations déjà en cours et des spécificités pour cette catégorie merci de me joindre au 06 87 28 23 41 entre 13h et 14h ou de m'envoyer un mail