Élevage et Dressage des pins de l'Aumônerie - Corrèze

Confidence building

For more sensitive subjects, who have been put off as a result of an unfortunate experience, we work on small boars to restore confidence. The group effect is very important, it often helps to put some subject in the right path. We take the dogs one month, during which we go out every day (1 to 2 times).

Regarding the age of the dogs on the programs, ideally no younger than 8 months up to 24 months maximum. Any bitch in heat should be recovered by its owner. Dressage will be postponed according to the availability schedule, no refund will be granted.

Price: 600 € TTC * Prices as of 01/01/17 rate VAT 20%

Payment by check, cash or by bank transfer.
IBAN FR76 1680 6099 3966 0927 3849 483

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