Élevage et Dressage des pins de l'Aumônerie - Corrèze

Close-up dogs

Ariégeois Briquet or Gascons confirmed. The work is even more advanced for this category. The work is done at the lanyard and in free for the hunters who want to store wild boars.

Close-up dogs

We work with dogs to make them as responsive as possible.

This allows you to hunt serenely with a dog at the command and able to control the entries, the other passages of wild boars and to scroll a foot correctly.

Each dog is the subject of a work on wisdom and appeasement. To accustom them to the different situations they will encounter in their future owners, during hunting but also in enclosures or in competitions.

The work is done specifically on the very new park "Douglas Expert", very hard and thick, or feet and entrance / exit are complicated. In order to make their capacities optimal.

Price: 4 000 € TTC * Prices on 01/07/17 VAT rate 20%

Delivery Delay 18 months

Reservation of a foot dog

Given the reservations already in progress and the specificities for this category thank you to join me at 06 87 28 23 41 between 13h and 14h or to send me an e-mail