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Close-up dogs

I sell young close-up foot dogs from 12 to 15 months old. From a strict selection of my stallions and females.

Close-up dogs
After having correctly broken in and put the young dogs under control, I put them to work on cold roads, alone or in packs. The work is done in free and long so as to be able to adapt to being led by any hunter.

I select screaming dogs on cold roads, while keeping initiative.

Price: 3. 000 € TTC Male 3. 300 € TTC Female Option LOF : 100 € TTC (except lighter)

* Rates as of 01/01/19

*The VAT rate for the sale of domestic animals has increased from 7% to 10% from 1/01/2014 to 30/06/2014 and then to 20% since 1 July 2014

For any questions or purchase

Close-up dogs
Please, use the contact page

- The deadlines remain variable depending on the time of year.
- dogs are not sterilized.

Payment by check, cash or by bank transfer.
IBAN FR76 1680 6099 3966 0927 3849 483

Close-up dogs

Close-up dogs

Close-up dogs

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