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Briquets Puppies

Remember to book puppies for future litters

NON LOF: 650 euros TTC * male or female Gascon, Ariégeois and Briquet

The VAT rate for the sale of domestic animals increased from 7% to 10% from 1/01/2014 to 30/06/2014 and then to 20% since 1 July 2014
* Rates as of 01/01/17

• Delays vary according to the time of year.
• A non-refundable deposit of 350 € will be requested upon booking.
• dogs are not sterilized.

We can ship dogs anywhere in France. We have a contract with a carrier for an average fare of about 200 € including transport cage. An additional insurance of 30 € is optional for a better coverage. For shipments abroad please contact me via the form.

Attached is a list of our dog breeds and dogs available. Most puppies stay at the breeding for strict selection for us and for our customers. Applications are numerous and processed in the order of arrival.

Reservation contract

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Payment by check, cash or by bank transfer.
IBAN FR76 1055 8024 8318 4268 0020 066